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Healing Spell/Common Cold

Forums ► Spell Suggestions ► Healing Spell/Common Cold
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Healing Spell/Common Cold
Post # 1
Healing Spell for the Common Cold
By Bunny Ward

-God/Goddess - Borvo and LeFay
-1 Pink/Rose candle
-Extra cup/bowl with clean water
-Lavender Oil for healing (or Lemon oil for purification)
-All other usual ritual materials


-Cleanse Area, Set up Altar, Cast Circle.
-Anoint Candle while visualizing having beaten the cold.
-Anoint affected places (ei; nose, forehead, throat, chest...)
-Light Candle and say:
By Borvo help me breathe
By LeFay my cough will not stay
God and Goddess help purify my system
Infuse this vessel with your healing gifts
What was infection may now become
An Aid in Immunity

-Place extra cup before the candle

-Envision healing (pink) light streaming down from the sky to the flames into the candle and into the water in the bowl.

-Go about other business. When done, or felt the candle has burned long enough (note: also can leave candle and bowl by a window to burn and circulate energy till candle is gone...)

-Pick up candle, raise toward sky and say:
Thanks to the God and Goddess for their presence.
I now extinguish the healing flame, diffusing its essence
Into this vessel remain your gifts of health.

-Put flame out in the bowl of water.

-Perform cakes and wine.
-Perform all other closing rites.
-Place healing water in safe container to be used soon.
(Later us this water to anoint self in morning, drink it even, or perhaps use it to make tea.)

A little spell I created when I had a nasty head cold that wanted to linger... I used the water for tea and anointment.
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Re: Healing Spell/Common Cold
By: / Novice
Post # 2
Waking that's a great ritual, but why do all that when you are sick as it is. When one is ill you shouldn't be doing a lot of workings as it is since you can make yourself sicker by doing so. When you are sick your energy is down and you are more open to bad energies. People you all need to understand the craft is far more than casting spells. You want to practice this religon and then learn more about what the craft is about. Before one goes to their altar they should be trying to take care of things on the physical level as much as possible before takig it to the magickal level. Want to know a good working for the common cold? Get rest is number one and number two make a cup of green tea with honey and lemon and a small pinch of cayenne pepper. Works like a charm with me and the rest of my coven. Also burn a little sage in your room where you sleep to help keeep your spirit strong.
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Re: Healing Spell/Common Cold
Post # 3
In fairness ShadoWalker, Magick is not a religion. It has no religion.

I do agree however, the best remedy for a cold is to sleep, or have others offer healing energies.
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Re: Healing Spell/Common Cold
Post # 4
This was a spell I created after having the cold for a bit over a week. At the point when I created it and cast it, all that was left was the sinus crud. I'm not a newbie at life, and I understand what you're saying. I wouldn't recommend this for someone who is really sick as it does take energy that could be best spent giving to your white blood cells. Nothing beats good bed rest and yummy chicken noodle soup, but this little spell gave me the extra boost I desperately needed to get over that last hurtle of the cold.

I suppose in that regard it's more of an infusion spell than an actual full fledged ritual. Either way, it worked for me. Was all cleared up after two days of using the water for my tea.
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