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meditation blockages

Forums ► Misc Topics ► meditation blockages
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meditation blockages
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 1
Trouble spots and how to clear them

thought time we all come across blockages but never fear there are ways to unblock these issues
these range from a number of problems I have listed a few of the more common ones.

1 feeling physically uncomfortable during meditation and wanting to move around
2 being unable to remove troubled,earthly thoughts from your mind.
3 not being able to find inner peace.
4 not visualising anything at all during meditation.
5 feeling that you have no spiritual guide.
6 not grounding and closing down properly when you finish.
7 not finding time to meditate .

So lets start with feeling discomfort

this is very common and effects everyone when they start to meditate, so here's a solution to this problem.
This is because your not allowing yourself to relax fully, and the tenancy to wont to rush in to a deeper level of meditation and not bothering to much with the breathing and relaxing part, this means you are denying yourself the very tool needed to reach deeper levels of meditation.
But there's nothing worse then wonting to scratch your nose or itch your head adjust your position.
If this one apply s to you stop, ask yourself if you with to continue this meditation at this time.

Difficulty clearing the mind

this one has effected me often,this is such a common problem and effects 99 percent of us,
stilling the mind is one of the hardest disciplines of meditation to master, but crucial if we are to progress, sometimes looking at the problem in a very logical manner can help,try thinking of it this way what possible benefit can these worries be to you during these meditations, will you be able to solve anything by letting them rule you at this time? Tell your self you will come back to these matters after you have relaxed.

sacred place

this is because we cannot find our own private world of inner peace within, this issue is all about trust, if we lack a belief in something then it wont come.


some people are able to hold a clear and colourful image during meditation, but it is very common to see nothing, its like sitting in the picture and staring at a blank screen, don't be upset it isn't that your doing something wrong some people are better at taste and smell or hear instead.

No spirit guides

you may think that f you cant see a guide that you don't have one, worrying about not having any guides can also link back to the mistrust, every living person has a host of guides, this could be because you are putting up some sort of barriers with in your energy field that is preventing them from manifesting.

Not grounding

the problem with not grounding and closing down effects you weather you realise it or not this can often be because meditation can be so immense that we are back in reality when we finish meditating.
However there is a serious danger attached to not grounding yourself and closing down when you have finished because you are allowing your own aura to be effected by different positive forces, you are letting other energies interact with you own persona energy when it Is in a very vulnerable position to be in.

lack of time

we tend to fill our lives with so many things that finding time to meditate can feel like a drag
this should be relaxing and enjoyed even a soak in the bath can help you find five mins just to relax and unwind and visit your safe/sacred place.

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Re: meditation blockages
Post # 2
awesome post! :D
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