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The LBRP and facing east

Forums ► Other Spells Discussion ► The LBRP and facing east
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The LBRP and facing east
Post # 1
Why are we required to face east for the Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram?
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Re: The LBRP and facing east
Post # 2
The direction you face represents what you are walking toward and what comes to you. It is what faces you. In occultism each direction of the compass has a specific meaning. The directions, even up and down, constitute sacred space and understanding and working with them is empowering in occultism. Their meanings, however, slightly differ from culture to culture, although there may have been a more common consensus at one time. For example most shamanic cultures face north because that is the direction of material stability, being the closest magentic pole of the earth. The magnetic lines are denser toward the north. This is true in principle, but the earth's field is so complex and changing that it is not always true in practice. Yet, what matters is what north symbolizes in the mind of the practioner, and that this symbol does have a reflection in physical reality.

East is the preferred direction of systems that are more spiritual and not mostly concerned with manifestation per se, and this doesn't mean east is a weaker direction. On the contrary, it symbolizes the rising sun, the spring and beginnings. Facing east means you relate to your operation as a beginning that developes as the day develops when the sun rises. The direction also symbolizes hope and a clean slate upon which to write and express. That is why its preferred.

Indians usually prefer the south because it represents the right hand (when you face east) and that is the hand of skilled action for most people. West is not usually preferred unless you want to focus on the setting sun and deal with endings. Ancient Hebrews viewed the front and east as the past and the west and back as the future because they believed time flows from behind to manifest in front of you. You do not see the future "behind" you, but you see the past "in front". West and East to the earth are like front and back to the person because of how the sun's light shines in those places.

East to ancient Hebrews was also a direction of hope because all your available history and recourses, ancestors and culture and trandition are there. West was the unknown and scary. Yet many do face West for that very reason.

The LBRP, a Hermetic and not an ancient Hebrew practice, is not about transformation or really banishing in the literal sense. It is about purification, cleansing and the energy of hope and new beginnings. So East is the chosen direction.
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Re: The LBRP and facing east
Post # 3
The east represents life, while the west represents death. The reasons for this, is because the sun rises in the east and sets in the west. Life is always preferred above death. The sun is very important in magick and the pre-christian tradition. Even Jesus, is actually a solar Deity (watch that movie, Zeitgeist - you'll see what I mean). Thus the east is praised as the main cardinal direction.
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