Circle Symbolism

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Circle Symbolism
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The four-quartered Circle of Magick is called ‘the portal between the worlds’ its where you connect with Deities, Spirits and Elemental Powers of a realm beyond the material universe. This is the using of our own innate psychic powers.
The four ‘corners’ of the Circle of Magick is associated by their Elements (Earth, Air, Fire & Water) and the fifth element Spirit situated in the centre of the circle.

The magick circle corresponds the alignments of the various layouts and cycles of the year. In the Northern Hemisphere, all cycles and circles start in the North and move deosil (clockwise) from North to South. In the Southern Hemisphere it should be reversed going from South to North (counter clockwise)

Eight Sabbats and the Elements of the four directions: Yule (North/Earth)_Winter Solstice; Oimelc (Northeast); Ostara (East/Air)_Spring Equinox; Beltane (southeast); Litha (South/Fire)_Summer Solstice; Lughnasadh (Southwest); Mabon (West/Water)_Fall Equinox; Samhain (Northwest)

The pentagram-emblem of magick, witchcraft has five Celtic vowels: Idho, Ailm, Onn, Ura, and Eadha; also representing the five elements, Spirit, Earth, Air, Fire and Water


WhatÂ’s the purpose of the ritual?
Why are you doing this? What do you wish to accomplish? WhatÂ’s the problem you wish to resolve?

What time is it?
What is the time of year, season, moon cycle, day and night, time in your life or your groups life (initiating, closing etc)? What time is the succession of rituals, such as the planetary or chakra rituals?

Who is it for and who will take part?
The amount of people involved, the level of experience, age, physical capabilities, etc

Where will it be held?
Indoors, outdoors, a temple, classroom etc

How long should it last?
For outdoor and night time rituals may need to be shortened and also taking into consideration of who will be there.

What do we have to work for?
If outdoors on a full moon, you may have the time and place to work with and whatever elements they invoke; such as the mountaintop gives one thing to do and the ocean another. What tools do you have for incantation? Seek your guidance from your book of shadows

What will be the main techniques for working?
Meditation, chanting, dancing, drinking, healing, walking etc, choose the appropriate purpose and theme

How do you symbolise, what work you wish to do?
If you wish to cross the abyss, how do you represent that ritual? If you wish to open peopleÂ’s heart, how can that be symbolised?

What should be on the Altar(s)?
Therefore if you are working on Air, you can use feathers and incense; or if you are working on Earth, you might have crystals or plants.

Work from your gut instincts and use what you feel you are drawn too!


The realm of magick everything is alive and connected to everything else; such as elements of life-the trees, the weather, the emotions we feel, the words we speak, time of day, etc.. are all connected! Therefore what effects one element affects all! ‘As above, so below’ Furthermore, what occurs without occurs without occurs within and visa versa.
The various realms are but mirrors for each other, and mirrors for our own souls. No matter how small or large it is enough to be influenced by us.

Magick does not manipulate the world as such it follows the natural lines of force as Life flows into the stream of Time. Nothing is stationary or stagnant, everything is constantly changing or moving. Therefore the flow of movement that allows magick to occur, the midst of change we reach we create new realities as the forces of Life journey from chaos to manifestation.

We are all connected to this world therefore our actions are also connected. Therefore Magick contains our own sacred immune system. Therefore the Law of Magick comes into play ‘an it harm none, do as ye will’, so the persons of ones will is highly respected as long as it harms none. To do so would be to harm the basic underlying fabric that connects all things and therefore reflecting back negatively upon the practitioner, you need to live responsibly and consciously!

The Threefold law; states that whatever we generate magickally returns to us threefold- positive or negative; Therefore whatever we initiate magickally expands like ripples from a stone cast into a still pond, into the outer world. If our intentions are not clear, if we do not act with respect and affinity for all that may be affected, results of these actions, whilst running through the connective web of all Life, eventually returning to us magnified in threefold measures.
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