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Dualism of the Twins

Forums ► General Info ► Dualism of the Twins
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Dualism of the Twins
Post # 1
Ever since I can remember it has always felt like there are two conflicting souls inside of me, and I attribute this to my zodiac sign of Gemini ( Born June 11,1988). I know that is why I am always so torn in my decisions, so I come here to the forums to seek help and advice on my Dual Nature...

Now, I am fairly familar with the positive and negative sides of Gemini and until recently really didnt think that I matched that many of the negatives, but the more research that I did, the more I found out that I am an equal victim in positive and negative traits. I am pretty certain that Gemini's have more turmoil and splits inside of their souls than most ne other Zodiac sign, but mine seem to be to an extreme...

I am constantly stuck in a battle with myself, 24/7 365 days a year, with no peace in sight to me being ripped apart...I am tired of it honestly...so I was curious if anyone had ne suggestions on how to cope or limit this turmoil inside of me brought about by the stars...

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Re: Dualism of the Twins
Post # 2
sounds more like a chaos soul than anything
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Re: Dualism of the Twins
By: / Novice
Post # 3
Gemini's are of the twins; but you are not fighting from within you are simply fighting with yourself..
You want to yourself and want to act your own way; but people or life events make you choose a different personality.. this is to either fit in or to make others happy..
The only way that you can deal with your 'inner demons' is to truely looking from within yourself and see who and what you really are.. should you care what others think?
Is it your right to be who truely are? for we are all born with individuality!
the easy part is knowing what or who you really are yet the hardest part is being YOU!..

Once you decide to make yourself happy, all things will fall into place; but dont fall into the trap of being too faced..
Nice to one person then talk about them behind their back (thats an example) hope that helps..
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Re: Dualism of the Twins
Post # 4
You see though,I know that I am not adjusting to ppl or life events...I truly believe that every person should be an individual and not care what other ppl think.

Also, one thing that I try to do on a continual basis is to "take my own inventory" so to speak, but I always come to the same conclusion.It is a conclusion filled with ironies, double standards, and manipulation. It truly is hard for me to be happy at times, but for the most part, I stay proud, content, and happy with who I am.

As for being two faced, I do fall into that trap, but in a much deeper and complex way...I take what cunning wits I have and spread them as far as I can and use just a single grain of those wits 2 be two faced...I am two faced in a highly manipulative way is the best way to say it...(but I know who my manipulation will work on and who it wont)...

Now, let me try and attempt to put my torment into some better words...A lot of the times when I am feeling this torment inside of me I am torn into two different, opposing directions...It feels like there are two ppl inside of me, if that makes ne sense...I even hear them each in different voices...both are the same, yet unique in their own way, much like twins may look exactly alike, but still be an individual...
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Re: Dualism of the Twins
By: Moderator / Adept
Post # 5
Dealing with Gemini traits can be difficult. You may even find that you have more than two "faces". I have to say by the description in your last post that you seem to have water sign tendencies with make me feel you where born in the later part of June close to the cusp of Cancer. Adding that into the mix of Gemini can cause more difficulties when trying to rein in the negative traits. Not only are you dealing with the Gemini but the little bit of Cancer within you as well.

If this is not the case than I apologize.

As for dealing with the negatives you must learn control. Meditation will help you to work through the problems you are facing and help to rein them in. If you do not want to act a certain way then you will have to learn to control those tendencies within yourself. I am a Taurus and had to rein in some of my negative tendencies. I did this with meditation and excepting how the traits would manifest in my life with out any negative feedback. You may cast magical working to aid you as well. Communication with the gods will also help.
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Re: Dualism of the Twins
Post # 6
you think thats bad try being a pices. we never know if we are lost in clouds or stuck here on earth
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