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"Cure for Vampirism"

Forums ► General Info ► "Cure for Vampirism"
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"Cure for Vampirism"
Post # 1
For those of you who would point it out,
no, there is not a known cure for all symptoms.
There is no cure that will entirely cleanse the body of vampirism,
at least none that we have discovered as of yet.
However, having been talking with Ragnorok about medicine,
I decided I would like to try my hand at coming up with one.

For a cure we need to know what we are curing.
The target is vampirism,
so I need the symptoms and cause of vampirism.
Vampirism is genetically inherited,
so instead of just what causes vampirism,
I am going to focus on the source of the symptoms.

Curable symptoms of vampirism include;
1) Sensitivity to light,
2) A need for energy from an external source(such as blood),
3) A generally anti-social behavioral pattern,
4) A nocturnal schedule.

I believe symptom 1,
being a more physical then mental or spiritual thing,
would require more professional treatment.
For anyone looking for this cure,
I suggest you see an eye doctor and see what he says.

Symptoms 3 and 4 are mental changes
that occur during the awakening of a vampire.
Symptom 3 is curable simply be being the opposite,
go out and meet people maybe go to a party and be social.
Symptom 4 can be changed
simply by willing yourself to sleep at night
and by being active during the day.

So I will focus on curing symptom 2,
the need to feed,
the most well known symptom of this disease.
Symptom 2 is caused by a flaw in a person's chi,
something blocking or otherwise hindering
the flow of a person's energy.
I believe this is somehow connected to the chakras,
although possibly some minor chakras rather then the main seven.
It could also be a few other theories I have,
but since those are more far-fetched and lacking in evidence
I'll keep those in my notes for now.

Regardless, I already have my theory for how it can be fixed,
but if any of you have any tips or advise you'd like to lend
then an encouraging word is always appreciated.

For those of you who may be curious about what sparked this project,
here's the quote from Ragnorok.

"There is no disease nor sickness that is truly incurable. There is no ailment that is not reversible. There is no pain that can not be eased, no injury that can not be healed. Knowledge, and the understanding and application of that knowledge, truly is power. With enough knowledge, any problem is solvable."

He also once said there is no cure for vampirism.
Now I intend to prove him right by proving him wrong. :D

Re: "Cure for Vampirism"
Post # 2
there is a cure but its to do with that spirit vampire in you

Re: "Cure for Vampirism"
Post # 3
The spirit wouldn't be a vampire.
Care to explain further?

Re: "Cure for Vampirism"
Post # 4
not in the open

Re: "Cure for Vampirism"
Post # 5
Is it because I already discredited what you would say
by pointing out that the spirit would not be vampiric?

I'm not looking for spam or fantasies, people.
If I wanted that I'd have titled this thread
"How to Become a Vampire"
or something along the lines of that.

If you have anything beneficial to my goal,
please post here.
Otherwise please show support
or explain what you feel is wrong with this idea.

Re: "Cure for Vampirism"
Post # 6
I wouldn't call it a cure but it helps one can get energy from sunlight and the warmth feels good too (akward), but sun light is too freaking strong it makes me want to crawl in a hole so why not try taking moonlight since it's realy indirect sunlight (tis what i do ,moon bathing) also why not store energy on certain things one wears when we're on the go.I do it and it helps alot. The only down sides to this is that one has to be good at direct magick user

Re: "Cure for Vampirism"
Post # 7
I've heard of those methods before,
but I'm looking for something
that will be rid of the requirement entirely.
Fix the problem; remove the symptom.
Once I get it right and don't need energy like that,
then my work will be done. :)

Re: "Cure for Vampirism"
Post # 8
No, I'm sure I won't find a cure here.
That's why I intend to try and make it myself.
I posted this here in case anyone who knows anything about vampires,
like yourself,
might be willing to lend any advice or tips for the experiments.

Re: "Cure for Vampirism"
Post # 9
Well... What ever in the subtle body that has gone bad should eventualy heal. it could have been caused by some nasty damage in a past life or while the soul was ''on the other side'' so the only cure is to let the subtle body heal. But then again if heard of starving and ravanous psi vamps who drain their victims and make them some serious auric wounds. This causes them to turn into momenteraly psi vamps but they eventualy replenish what was tooken from them and go back to normal but serious auric wounds

Re: "Cure for Vampirism"
Post # 10
Take a long time to heal, and they become easy targets for the ''other siders'' to feast upon could it be that they eventualy become vamps themselves and that the only way to heal the subtle body is to have time patience and a nice juicy healty meal (hasnt eaten breakfast yet :

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