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weird happennings #1

Forums ► General Info ► weird happennings #1
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weird happennings #1
Post # 1
Ok. This started kind of a while already but is still happening until now. What does this mean? I really want to know!

1st- I was in the mall with my sis, and i was in the beauty section. I was looking at the colognes and the color Violet of this cologne attracted me so much! My sis said to pick the blue ones, but i insisted. There's this something that attracts me so much about it. And when we get home, my mind told me to find or search for something in the drawer, that i don't even know what and i even did it with no purpose, and there I saw a violet ball pen lies with silver dust in its ink. So, I got it and put it in a safe place. And then, i went down stairs to play the computer, but then for minutes the power switched off, but only the computer, and lights not the t.v. Then it lighted again! It happened three times that night. And then I said," The ritual " I don't even know why i said it, it just spill out from my mouth! Then my mind told me to look at the moon and then I went outside to see if the moon is present, and it was and there and there was a lonely star alone near the moon. And that's the only star i saw that night. When it was almost time for bed, i went to my room and noticed that there was a connection about whats happening. I counted how many times the computer turned off and then the things and color that i got this day. I suddenly said. " I'm Violet! " I don't know why i said that! And that was the time i found out about my name! :)

2nd- Second. I was in the terrace with my 2 cousins who also wanted me to teach them how to cast spells. It was almost 12 midnight and we were still awake. The animals was so noisy. I told my cousins that we'll do a ritual, and then i cast a circle and was about to start the ritual. Then when i said we're gonna start it already, the animals suddenly stopped making noise. And when we started our own wind dance to dance together with the wind, we noticed that the lights of the other houses just near and in front of us, starts turning on and off and one house just near and in front of us, gave off a red light. We did not mind it. so we finished the ritual, and then the time i was done closing the circle, the animals starts making noise again. That was the first ritual together with my cousins Nina Jane and Dorothy.

3rd- I was from school, I noticed three little kittens just beside our house. It was black, black and white, and the last was also black. I looked into the first black cats eyes and tried to tell it to go near me. And it did. It played with me. It was patient, obedient and looks wonderful and cute. So I named it " Pow " The black and white was shy, so i named it " Shy " But, then it was time for me to get inside and eat, so i have not named the third kitten. So, when i was done washing my hands, i noticed the powder soap formed a sign. It was like a paw but there's some kind of different about it.

There's still others that's happening, but i can't name them all. So, does these things longing to tell me something? or are these just nothing?
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Re: weird happennings #1
By: Moderator / Adept
Post # 2
Just my thoughts, but I think something is try'n to tell you something. What I don't know, but if I were you I would pay close attention to all the signs you keep seeing. Like when you said your name is Violet. There is more for you to watch for and learn from.
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Re: weird happennings #1
Post # 3
Thanks! That really helps! :)
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Re: weird happennings #1
Post # 4
oh... i should stop doing the rituals and spells? well, ok! :) thanks for the information anyways! :)
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