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been possed by evil

Forums ► General Info ► been possed by evil
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been possed by evil
Post # 1
i have been possessed and a evil curse has been place on me . i have try everything in my power too remove it but it has not worked for me . i need someone too help me remove it and tell me what it is that is inside my body.
what ever it is it talks through my throat , jumps in and out of my body , say things too me evil wise , i have seen things and heard things , because of this possession. i did contact someone but they told me that it was a raven mocker , and then they change there story a bit .so i don't know what too believe all i know is it is something powerful.
anyone with knowledge psychic abilities or wiccian who are experts of the craft contact me please . in need of your help .
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Re: been possed by evil
Post # 2
A possesion? What has it harm to you?
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Re: been possed by evil
Post # 3
Seems you have opened a portal for something that is now attacking you. Ouija board probably did the trick.
What were you doing before this happened?
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Re: been possed by evil
Post # 4
well i did the ouija board , invocation of the elements spell,
this being was hurting me , but since early of last year it has stopped . i have been possessed for 2 whole years now , it has gave me some benfits of power wise but what i found out that demons power could be posionous meaning that things go right for a while then get mess up .so i want too rid my self of this being and his or her power and so i can perform my spells and psychic readings without this being interferance .

as far as the curse is concerned i was told by a old friend that a voodoo hex has been place on me .

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Re: been possed by evil
By: / Adept
Post # 5
Do you have an enemy who is a practitioner of voodoo?

The term "voodoo hex" throws up all sorts of red flags for me. Voudon is a religion, and although it has magico-religious overtones, when folks talk about voodoo magic, they're usually referring to hoodoo - somethibg entirely different. Typically the terms voodoo magic/voodoo curse/voodoo spells, etc., are used incorrectly by folks not in the know.

This is not to say that people don't curse each other with frequency, unfortunately...
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Re: been possed by evil
Post # 6
i don't know who is it . i can think of 1 person that may have done it but i have no prove that she put it on me . but
i have had this for 2 years all sources of bad luck and bad things happening , i was just told not too long ago that i was possessed which i knew cause i felt someone jumping in and out of my body and heard them talking in my throat , i did not know that a curse was put on me untill recently when i was told by a old friend on yahoo.
all i know it what i was told . now i feel it is some thing more powerful that i am possessed with and the curse that is upon me .
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Re: been possed by evil
By: / Adept
Post # 7
I can't help you with demon possession. Maybe someone else can.

Here are the same suggestions i've posted at least three times on this forum in my short time here. I'm just pasting it in here. It may not pertain to your exact situation, but nevertheless, if i were you i wouldn't hesitate to do some spiritual cleansing work

Here's the post:

"People slap jinxes on each other all the time. For real. Once you step away from Neo-Pagan witchcraft magics, curses are a common phenomenon, unfortunately. They're a part of every indigenous system of magic.

The good news is they're often quite easy to lift, especially if the person who threw on you is a novice or a casual practitioner working within their native folk practices. The most experienced practitioner - the ones who could really kill you dead with the stuff - are the ones who rarely, if ever, use their skills. They're certainly not throwing on a high school student.

This advice is for anyone who beleives they are crossed up:

1) Destroy and throw away anything ever given to you by the suspected person or anything ever touched by them. Make sure the suspected person does not have access to any of your stuff: your home, your personal effects such as used kleenex, drinking straws, hair, fingernail clippings, etc.

2) Do a spiritual cleansing of your home:
If you are too sick to do so, have your caretaker do it for you or at least have them add kosher salt and/or holy water to a bucket of lemon or pine-scented floorwash and pray while they do so. The 23 Psalm is a good one.

3) Take a series of cleansing baths:
Bathe three times a week (mon, Wed, Fri) for three weeks with a spiritual cleansing product (Uncrossing, Jinx-Buster, a herb tea made from Hyssop, Purification, etc. I can give you a recipe if you desire).

4) Follow this series of Uncrossing baths with a series of Portection or Blessing baths - three times a week for three weeks.

5) Put up some sort of protection. If your enemy has constant access to your personal effects, you may wish to treat them regularly as well (bathing, using powders and oils, etc.). Use energetic types of protections: shields, wards, etc., use a protection spell: http://www.luckymojo.com/fierywall.html , and consider an apotropiac charm for protection as well.

the good news is that crossed conditions are usually quite easy to resolve and respond readily to cleansing and protection work. Usually people only throw them once in heat of passion and do not continue with repeated attacks.

Curses manifest themselves in many ways and vary greatly depending on the culture. The main rule of thumb is that curses affect whichever system in your body is the weakest before the attack. You have asthma? Then the curse will affect your breathing. You're clumsy? Then the curse will manifest as an accident. You have high blood pressure? then the curse will affect your heart and circulatory system. This is just one more reason to stay healthy and seek regular medical care.

I always take concerns about curses seriuosly, because, as i said before, there are plenty of nasty people who use this stuff without much thought. The only time the validity of the suspicion put into question is if the "victim" suffers from certain kinds of untreated mental disorders: intrusive thoughts of attack and uncleanliness, obsessions and OCD behavior, paranoia, and the like. If i suspect mental illness is a factor, i will always ask a few tactfully-worded question inquiring into their medical past, whether they're taking (or not taking) any prescribed medication, etc.

If the victim is experiencing health concerns, i will not treat them for cursed conditions or prescribe spiritual work unless they've seen a doctor first. That is a lawsuit waiting to happen and is just common sense."
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Re: been possed by evil
Post # 8
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Re: been possed by evil
Post # 9
Hmm, If you think your situation is that serious look for people with expertise in the area and as a last resource you should go to your local church (preferable a catholic one) but you will need solid proof for they to act upon your request. Anyways, if you think you are being hex, I will follow LdyGry plus but take in count I will try to write notes about this situation and you should have a dream journal. I believe you are lying. ^_^ sorry to say, but I do.. since you say "it jumps in and out" of your body sounds suspicious. Probably because of the whole "possession" term bit regardless it is something serious.
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Re: been possed by evil
Post # 10
WOW.. the was bad English..
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