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Name: Gadamlu2
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my name is Gadamlu, not much to say about me, but i belevie there must be ballance, i also love dragons and watnot, i am curently ecelling at psionics and am working on high magick and blood kenisis(dont ask me on this) i also speshilize in rune and herb magick. and i am also terrible at spelling, lol and i am also sorry to those that have asked me questions during the time that i was absent that i wasnt able to anser their questions, but now i am back and ready to anser them!^-^ heres a song i wrote just b4 the new year.(of 2008) the stones of yore down by the hills there ar some stones that stand tall and strong in the suuun! and back from the days of olden yore is wence they cooome! and the elder futhark tells their wonderos tales of war, triumphs and sorrowes from the ages long paaaast! and their crafters were the miiighty druids, these masters of nature that srived long, and hard, to craft,these miiighty stones, in the age ooof yoreee!!! the end, i hope you liked it! P.S. if any one knows of a spirt named meleshemech, pls contact me imideitly. as for the sumo wresler on skies, i was bored