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Alesana's Profile

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Name: Alesana
Gender: Female
Last Seen: Tue, 14 Dec 2010
Membership: Member

Personal Bio
First off my darlings i will not reply to a message without a subject My original profile was gagged a few weeks back for a very idiotic reason so here we are. Now to the introduction I am known as Vampyre Lady NaKira Orix. I belong to a clan called the "Elemental retribution Clan"I am the Leader of the Air Legion in the Clan& one of the most trusted with secrets. I have been involved in magick since i was a child but stopped because of many reasons not under my control i restarted my magickal skills .I am an occultist and i research magickal history and such with Orix who is my teacher,leader,lover,best friend ect. I practice in elemental magick& here and there in other magicks such as healing-psychic-vampire-ect .. I am a what i am. Music rules my life its my drug my addiction if you will.My friends are very important and if u hurt them i will kill you, they are my mortal family and no one hurts them and if they do they will suffer the consequences of angering me My clan is the ERC which is runned by Lord sphaene/shadow Orix. We one big happy"family" we fight for each other in needed be. Our loyaltys lay strong within our clan& to each other... I live for the night and the cold i naturally adapt to the chilling cold so i am never cold. I am the lady of Air. I am very easy to talk to and i am very helpful in problems if you would like council. I combat fight Im learning how to sword and dagger fight and later on a staff and bow which is useful in my clan. We have to be prepared for anything and everything at all times I have no intentions of explaining my vampyre origins to you unless asked, then which i may be kind enough to tell you MY Love is Shadow Orix so back off me guys, and off him ladies. We are very protective of each other. I will not tolerate any disrespect torwards me or him and he rules the same rule. My love is very great and i wont lose him ive been searching for centurys for him and at last we are reunited.. I have My youngest daughter Aeresi Orix, my sons Kelfar and Nefemaryn i love them and no one will touch them.. Youve heard of a mothers fury well that is just a friendly gester compared to what i will feel& do if you touch my beloved children! i am fairly harmless until someone angers me, but that is there problem for being fools.. There are things is this world you can not find reading a book or searching for it on the internet, something have to be told from anothers mouth and whether or not you believe them is your choice. I have recently witness immaturity of someone older in mortal years than i and its bewildering to see someone act as so and it angers me as well.. i do not tolerate immaturity like the kind i am witnessing nor do i tolerate silly games in which i am being played as a pon. it is annoying and a waste of time. My brothers and sisters are Aurelia,Night and Seekaina