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My name is Joshua and I am 34yrs young. I have been meditating for almost 12 years. I was led here naturally. I was led to magick. I have studied and continue to study. The Old Book of Magic by Dr. L.W de Laurence, Magic and White and Black Magic by Franz Hartman. I am on a spiritual journey for sure. I would say a wild ride . I am having a lot of coincidences happen closer together and more often in the last 2 weeks . I had moments of fear and moments of tears as well. I could use a guide or a teacher. I am very new and my magick is weak ,but it's working. I have great forsight and sense,I always have. I work in the food industry, and I coach Middle School football. I have been really successful at both through the guides of the spirits. 2 years ago , in dark times, I connected with a divine , I believe to be an Angel . I know her name and appearance. She has been with me since I was born. I recently and naturally made a wand , the night I concencrated the wand, when I began to meditate ,I not only saw her, I saw a group behind her , They are a blur, but I get a sense of welcoming. Also, that night, the planets were aligned, I did not plan this, I took screenshots from a sky map. That is just one of the coincidences. I am a father and husband. I am of Great intent. I am on the cusp of Aries and Taurus. My Elements are Earth and Fire.My Alias is Gardian, which translates to Guardian,Green Wizard of the Northeast Winds.I feel whoever is going to read this please reach out.