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Name: Cynetta
Location: Chicago,IL
Gender: Female
Last Seen: Sun, 15 May 2022
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I have been studying magick since 1997 when I first picked up Teen Witch. Tbh Initially I didn?t like the idea of being one but then someone informed me of the positive qualities of wicca through A Mystical and I fell in love. The beauty of nature gets me all the time. I studied candle magick with the help of Scott Cunningham?s books, Practical Magick with Silver Raven Wolf, Planetary magick, seal and sigils, magick all alphabets and diety work with Raymond Buckland, and Gerald Gardener?s Coven I also worked with tarot and scrying. I was never any good at tarot but better at scrying. Last but certainly not least I worked on herbs incenses brews candle and soap making. I took a full course on herbal medicine.
After all that work I ended up getting really sick. I took a much needed break and let God nurture me before I go out with what I now know and serve Him. I hope that the Angel’s Touch Coven would be a good fit for me as it is one of the only covens I would trust. I’m a worker of light that desires no balance between darkness and light.