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"Satani! Satani! In amus dignita."

- Powerwolf

Hello everyone, my name is Levias but you're welcome to call me Levi if you like. I am Luciferian Witch, and what is that you may ask? Well a Luciferian, is not an easily defined term as currently Luciferians have yet to sit down and collectivize what it is to be one. To me, however, a Luciferian is an individual who sets out on the pursuit of spirit, mental and physical perfection. A theologian, philosopher, occultist and academic. The being who seeks to understand that which is, and why that which is not. Luciferians look to the Archetype of the Fallen Arch Angel Lucifer, the Morning Star. Most gifted and beautiful of the Angels who fell in protest of his belief. So we too stand in defiance of those who'd dictate what it is that we can, cannot, must and must not do.

Some of you may ask how do we differ or do not differ from Satanists and Devil Worshpers:

Well, our philosophical and theological outlook is different. Unlike LeVay Satanists, we are not atheists. We firmly believe in the existance of God(s) and Spirits. We also differ from Theistic Satanists and LeVay Satanist by not being Antagonistic and Ego-Baiting. We do not seek to Dominate or claim to be better. For myself and my tradition we acknowledge Lucifer, Satan and the Devil, as beings of the "Unholy Trinity", if you will. Where The Devil is the Initiatior and Master of Demons. He initiates us into the occult and gifts us familiars. Satan acts as the great Challengers. He who brings us and others strife so we can grow strong and learn. Then there is Lucifer, the Morning Star. Perfection and "Enlightenment". The goal of us to follow and become more like, and learn from his lessons.