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Name: TheReader
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I am a Hellenistic pagan, which means I worship the Greek pantheon. In particular, my patrons are Apollo and Aphrodite, though I also often make offerings to Morpheus and Hermes. I rely heavily upon my gods when I engage in spellwork. It serves as both a crutch, and a limitation.
I've been on this site, with this account, since 2007-8, though I wasn't very active in the forums or chat. I took several long absences, and now everyone looks new.
Update 27-2-1017
My personal experiences with magick and faith have lead me to look at the arcane as being something which needs balance. I hold to academia and theory moreso than to forcing my will into reality. After all, if one does not understand power, how can one hope to leave a lasting mark on the world?
To the younger members, and to anyone who finds themselves in need- If you need help, please feel free to reach out. Be they the simple questions of someone taking the first footholds in to dabbling, or the ponderous queries of one who is my peer, I am here to help.