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RionKeyas's Profile

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Name: RionKeyas
Location: Connecticut
Gender: Male
Last Seen: Tue, 03 Apr 2012
Membership: Member

Personal Bio
Elementalist, in search of knowledge of the unknown.... Do not run from me for I am nothing to be fear I search only the truth. Perhaps in gaining the knowledge I seek I will be able to further understand the power within. I stand tall, in my quest along side my proteges Keeping this all in mind I have the gift of sight to see the unseeable, and the gift of speech to speak the unheard. I am more than willing to teach, in return I ask you the favor of knowledge to help further the quest. Also I am a leading member of T.R.P... Although this organization is of no importance at the moment, when the moment arises all shall understand the truth. I am that of demonic nature. There is a force within my soul, of great strength. His name is Rion Keyas. This is his story... Before I begin, I must tell all who read this to not fear me, nor my demon, rather embrace the fact that I am here to teach and be taught myself. I am here to explain my other half and allow him to finally be recognized by all. Challenge your mind to open and understand the reality of what I am trying to explain. From the fiery depths he has risen and inhabited a space within my soul. Not to cause havoc or despair among those that live, rather those who are unseen. Many years ago long before the time of men, he stood tall, and a great power that was not a force to be reckoned with. The power he possesses is that of fire and the lack of fear he has been granted allowed him to roam wherever he saw fit. Many looked to him as a mentor of great knowledge; others only saw evil due to his temper. When the time of man came just as many other demons he had chosen to go into hiding, only to discover that these simple beings did not possess the knowledge he sought. As time went on those primitive beings began to evolve and gain knowledge of an existence other than their own. This intrigued Rion for the search for knowledge and understanding only showed him that these beings were more than what they appeared. The more he sat back and studied, he realized that the beings mere mortals had stumbled across the ability to use powers not of their own by invoking the spirits of the dead, the ancient ones, even Satan himself. Confused by this he arose from his hiding and took on a disguise to look more like those that now walk the earth. In doing so he shaped himself into a sickly looking old man, as a result he was ridiculed and tormented. This began to enrage him that the beings he had studied for so long chose to treat him this way; he unleashed a fiery blast from his palm at anyone who dared to laugh at him. It caused such commotion forcing those around him to become quickly frightened and chase him. In the state he was in he could not change back to his original form for it would surely disrupt everything in the realm of hiding and make it so he was unable to return. Unfortunately when he was caught the beings bound him and burned his shell to ash, revealing his true form. Now knowing that he has been found out the other demons cloaked by the god of invisibility, screamed in anger and fear for they wanted nothing to do with these beings. They exiled him to the realm of the mortals, in turn causing him to grow weaker. Knowing the severity of his situation he began to recede into the simplest form and chose a being of to allow him to conserve his strength. As those that he chose died or turned insane from the power he possessed he would then jump to a new host. Now hundreds of years later I am his host, and understand that he resides in me. He has asked me to help him in his quest to get back at those who had exiled him from the other realm and as payment allowed me to use his abilities. I know stand here tall and assured that during his quest I will gather knowledge as he once did that will allow not only me to help him, but for me to grow and persevere as a magick user. Only time shall tell the truth, but as for now allow me to be the voice of Rion and state that no matter what happens to him or I we shall complete his quest for vengeance upon the unseen, hopefully without damaging that which has been set in to keep the demons safe, for he does not wish to destroy them, only force them to understand his curiosity and explain to them that there no reason to stay in hiding any longer for there are people in this world that do understand them, and do not fear them.