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Name: navywitch
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Hey, my name is Max, I'm 20, and I'm a lifelong Pagan. My ancestors were all Pagan, however my grandmother and mother are Christian (which was a trick that didn't work on me, lol). I learned magick from my great grandmother, who passed over when I was younger.
To know a bit about me, my life's been sort of a roller coaster. In high school, I was a published author of fantasy novels, and I made enough money off of that to just barely live. When I graduated, I lost over 300 pounds and was attending art school for film production. However, if I stuck with that, I would be $200,000 USD in debt with no true plan. I was a coffee slinger and childcare worker to pay my bills, but it wasn't enough. That was a huge stress source for me because I knew I wanted to travel and that I wanted better for myself, and I knew I wanted to belong somewhere. I enjoy my current job and life status, and I couldn't be happier. I don't have many set views, and I pretty much get along with everybody. I don't hate anybody for being themselves, and even though I seem like a square, I don't bite and love memes.
I add all ingredient meanings to my spells because I know that SoM is a learning opportunity for many new Wiccans and Pagans. If you have any questions about anything, please let me know via the mail app or at and I'll be happy to teach. With that being said, I give guidance, and this is YOUR journey. Take my lackluster advice and grow as a witch. :)