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Name: witchescat
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I have been practising spells and magick for 32 years now, i like to keep things simple, so simple spells, rituals for me. I believe in angels and pray to them also, I also believe in a great higher power every day of life is magickal for me. As you can probably guess I am a cat lover, and was once the proud mummy to 9 furbabies, all over the rainbow bridge now but who are always around me in spirit. I love vintage clothes, toys, hair styles and make up looks and I am an avid reader. I also love antiques and still have an inner child whom I embrace. I love pretty, things, vintage things beautiful things, and dolls I love dolls, oh and doll's houses, yes i really love dolls houses i guess I love quite a lot when you consider it but life is for enjoying and laughing and most of all for living xxx