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Name: frjovfwjd
Birthday: Dec 26 1995
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New to the site, I believe magic is real despite what people in chat say (not real) Also a fan of heavy metal and pretty much any metal music. Expert in magic.
So I have spend a long time away from people in general aside from the ones I cannot get away from. This is due to my magic studies and I have emerged on discovery successful. I do not claim to be anything but im not even sure what I am.
Beware, magic is very real and be-careful of how you use it. In the end we are judged so again be-careful.
An affinity I may be associated with, Dragons, Kitsunes.. Serpent dragons.
Favorite foods; Anything really.
Favorite things; Coffee
Do not fret I am no demon. I am human but even then.. I am not like you.
My goal is very simple, to become more powerful. These last years have treated me kindly.