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Name: OpenarmZZZ
Birthday: Jul 27
Location: In the void of my shadowy mind.
Last Seen: Fri, 27 Nov 2020
Membership: Member
Coven Title: Member

Personal Bio

The void is nice, dark, and warm. Its better here. It's better to be alone in the dark than with a fake in the light.

Growing serious and cold is the Best thing ive ever done! I never truly attracted people that I even wanted in my present incarnation by being warm and kind anyways. I still care about people, I just like dwelling alone. I've never met another person similar to me or has the same soul origins as me. However, I know they are out there.

Darkness is my true friend who never lied, never forced me to smile for nothing, and showed me the true nature of how this world really is. I'm grateful i know the truth.

I'm probably not the most chipper person on earth but I'm not going to be rude and disrespectful. No need for it. Im usually welcoming.

Pronouns: Any

Identity: Agender/Non binary

Orientation: Bi/Demi


  • Moon magic
  • Blood magic
  • Energy work
  • Demonology, spirit work, necromancy, Angelology.

Abilities natural:

  • Prophetic dreams/visions
  • Clairauduence
  • Aura healing
  • Empathic tendencies
  • Reading human intentions.