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Name: Psiempth0s
Birthday: Jan 25 2000
Location: In the small right corner neighborhood, off of a backroad exit from the main free way. :D
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The greatest gift that keeps giving is the gift of a life of a person who gives kindness to others.

Please do not message me if you are homophobic, transphobic, or overly closed minded. No one needs extra negativity.

*Cracks meh nuckles too loudlybefore typing things*

Name: Psios

Gender: Demi fluid - Demi gender

orientation: Bisexual-panromantic

pronouns: Any

Status: With my forever partner, and I love him very much!! <3

My career: Freelance artist/College student-Hopefully able to open a child birthday pizzeria or something. I want to do something like that.

What I study: Energy manipulation/magic, healing reiki, meditations, entities/spirits, psychic visions, elemental magic, blood magic, luck chants, urban legends, kitchen magic, now studying fertility magic.

My interests: walking outside, bird watching, art, foster care for pets, studying Latin+French, reading, collecting stones, four wheeling, late night dances, arcades, helping to plan birthday parties.

Favorite color: Black, Neon purple, sky blue, and silvery glitter white.

Favorite food: Chipotle burrito, Taco pizza, or Hawaiian pizza.

Favorite desert: Hot fudge chocolate brownie and ice cream sundae or strawberry sherbert. (Some chocolate cake, depends)

Favorite ice cream: Napolian or cookie dough

Favorite scented candle: Apple cinnimon, blue tropic ocean, lavender sunshine, and salt water taffy.

Favorite candy: Mike and ikes or milk duds.

My eye color: Naturally light brown.

My hair color: Dark brown, I died it a bunch of times so right now light brown, red and a light tan. Will dye it silver and sea green.

My heritage: 50 percent English, 20 percent northern saami, 15 percent Spanish, 10 percent Italian, 3 percent Japanese, 1 percent Pakistani, and 1 percent Pacific Islander. (light olive skin)

Blue lives matter, all lives matter, Food matters, children's lives matter, peaceful healing matters.

Never be afraid to message me, just dont diss on birthday cake... I'll eat your hands if you do.

I usually feed off of positive/welcoming and happy energy, what am I? A psionic starseed. I am usually a sunny chipper person but keep in mind that I do suffer from migraines from time to time.

Always looking for friends, people to talk to/cheer up, and just chatter! I might randomly message you to say hi!