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Name: ninjaSPLAT
Location: Lickin Blood From A Blade
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Hi. This is going to show you a fair bit about me, yet not so much at the same time. See, I’m clever and cautious like that…
Name: J. Stock
Magick Name: Maiki
Nicknames: Jay, JJ
Magickal Birth-Number: 7
DOB: 8/2/1995 [D/M/YEAR]
Age: 13 going on 14
Height [Approx.] : 5foot4
Weight [Approx] : 55kg
Hair Colour: Black with Burgundy at the bottom
Skin Colour: Pale white with a small pink pigment
Eye Colour: Bluish-Grey [Sometimes they look more blue, others they look more grey…]
Heart Colour: Tests say Red or Black
Professions/Skills: Writing, Drawing, Talking, Visualizing
Abnormal Professions/Skills: Magick
Natural Magickal Talents: Energy Manipulation – using my mind I can materialize an object, person, animal or anything else to an almost physical stage. I can manipulate energy well enough to feel the creation as if it was real, see it as something that is visible, but yet not visible as well. If at night in almost pitch-black, the created becomes reality for me. Colour, feel, movement and everything. If calm enough, I can materialize those who take most of my power in everyday living, my mentally forged brothers. In order for them to have free lives, I have had to re-direct a lot of my energy manipulation for them. They live as if real. I derived them from the TMNT, with same looks, similar personalities and same names. Only Raph’s dating my BFF, Lulu, and he’s much sweeter, Mike really IS an idiot, Leo is much more tempered and so is Donnie, he’s also much more secluded from everyone else… and I hardly ever see Sensei…
Developed Magickal Talents: None of yet.
Magick Form Practiced: Undecided
Black, Grey or White Magick: Undecided
Abnormal Traits: Slightly sharper than usual incisors, no liking for water what so ever [and no need] , thirst for blood when in a depressed mood [means when depressed, I don’t want to just let blood flow and fall, I wish to actually drink it… It’s true, and freaky… it actually hits me at anytime and I go to extreme measures to attempt to break through. I tried a compass, blunt pair of scissors, a shard pair, biting so hard with my teeth that the mark stays for an hour and the list goes on… haven’t broken through yet…] , always feel like I’ve got a tail similar to that of the devil’s behind me at all times.
I believe to be part: human, vampire and demon.
Current Beliefs: Humans didn't evolve from monkeys; There are an infinite amount of Different Dimensions out there each thought bringing forth another; nothing is impossible, but nothing is certain either; seeing isn't always believing; fate is a bush-walk with many paths, but it is us who choose which path to take, not fate; there is no fact, there is no fiction; God does not exist, he is man-made and Jesus was a cook. Mother Nature is the true god; Magick exists; There are no coincidences, they are just small pushes and guided steps that fate pushes you into, but like I said, fate doesn’t control everything.
Sexuality: Straight
Current Disbeliefs: God doesn’t exist.
Religion: I have no religion and hold nothing against religion. If I find something that is logic to me, I’ll let ya know…
Do you have a BOS: Yes.
Is it Protected: Yes, I have a sealing spell and a protection curse [my own] on the book so the unwanted stay out.
Do you Meditate: Yer, I have. I can get a bit annoying to try when everyone is awake, though… you get constant disruption…
Seeking: A mentor/teacher to teach me the way of the witch; money to buy supplies; somewhere to stash the supplies that isn’t an obvious place; a spell to keep spider AWAY! I hate them and I can’t get to sleep at night with knowledge one is in my room! I had to meditate myself to sleep last night; a spell to get rid of head lice FOR GOOD! Do this for me and I shall do one favour in whatever you want me to do in return.
Any last words: Wanna be friends?