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Name: gypsybruja
Location: Land of Oz...Australia
Gender: Female
Last Seen: Tue, 11 Feb 2020
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I?m so excited to have joined but really have no idea where to start.
I commenced my path (truly starting to work with my gifts) about a year ago. I?ve always had strange visions, dreams, feelings and premonitions. I was always told I was just ?dramatic? but as I?ve aged and learnt more I knew there was much more going on!
I have ancestral magick in me on both sides. I have Gypsy magick and native Latin American brujer?a.
I?m trying to hone my gifts and learn more about what kind of witch I want to be. I identify with so many forms but mostly with things relating to light, nature and earth, ancestral lines and healings.
Excited to learn from you all and make some like minded friends
Blessed be, love and light to you all
La GypsyBruja