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Name: Zalgaria
Location: The Shadows
Gender: Female
Last Seen: Sat, 30 Nov 2019
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Ok third account. Reason being is that it seems no one can put up with me. Why? Because I have had alot of problems. I mean I can't help it when I fix one problem more pop up out of nowhere! So until there is a coven who has the patience to help me with my high multitude of problems I am just going to stay a loner. And hope I don't hurt myself during my practice.
Ok about me. I am a 21 year old empath who can turn to either side of the scale. Depending on the situation and my mood. I am also a beginner so sometimes if I do a spell to protect my family it tends to go over board. Like make me angry and threaten my family I can scare both the spirits live in my house with me. If I am happy then no worries. But due to constant problems things have been a bit chaotic. So it is either find a coven or a proper teacher or hurt myself in the craft doing it on my own. It has happened before.
I also live with two spirits and a cat. One of the spirits is my one of two cat familiars and the other spirit is a guardian that resembles a black red eyed wendigo who comes in every full moon. (Every night in October.) And can sometimes be a bit of a worry wort. Not only that but the two cats can be trouble makers sometimes.