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Name: Feline1998
Birthday: Jul 22 1998
Location: Cat Valley
Gender: Female
Last Seen: Wed, 16 Oct 2019
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Ok this is my second account. Reason being is that my original was childish and I never put much though into who I joined and why. So I am starting over again and hoping to make better decisions this time.
I am 21 and still trying to learn more about the craft. Already it helped me discover the fact that I am an empath. That was discovered on a full moon night one night when I felt a dark but protective presence in the darkest corner of my room. (Had no reason to drive it away so I let it stay.) Now I haven't decided what practice I want to do specifically so I am willing to try something new and I have no specific pronouns. Now I am still new to the craft (been practicing for less than a year.) And I know for a fact that I am neutral. I can go both ways depending on the situation and if I feel threatened or not. My light side is what brings out the best of me. I am kind and playful sometimes. Tend to playfully drive my family nuts every now and then. But my dark side is a different story. When My self or my family is hurt or threatened I will react in more dark ways. Once I had an aunt who scared my poor grandmother. Got me so mad that it took another more experienced member of this sight to talk me out of using an extreme revenge spell. So put a curse on me or my family I won't hesitate to retaliate. I am protective of my family so my dark side will come out without warning. Just to give a heads up.
Also I always had a connection with cats and I am drawn to the cat goddess Bastet. So don't be surprised if I mention cats alot.