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Name: .Fox.
Birthday: Jan 16 2004
Location: Charleston
Gender: Female
Last Seen: Wed, 16 Oct 2019
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I rp on here sometimes but I can't write back quick because of class so please don't get mad if I can't write back quick. And if you mess with my friends or my big bro on here you'll regret it. I'm 15 and just started high school so I'm not on here a lot. I like anime and creepy pastas and I like reading scary stories and drawing sometimes. I'm here to learn black magic spells and be a black magic witch. I want to learn curses.

You kidnap me what will you do:
1. Kill me
2. Sell me
3. Make me your slave
4. Sleep with me
5. Marry me and change my name
6. Keep me
7. Tie me up
8. You choose (you get to pick what happens)
9. Play with me
10. Hug me