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Name: AlvaXEuclid
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My name is Alva
I am a Satanic Necromancer. My path mostly involves death and atheism so tread carefully.
I do not condone any form of fluffs or scammers. You cannot become a werewolf, vampire, demon or half demon. You will always be a human.
I speak to demons and the deceased for divination. I do not perform spells for anyone or give all of my knowledge out in public.
I?m down to talk as long as it?s appropriate and not roleplaying or nonsense. If I know you or am willing to do other things than ignore this message hit me up. A lot of you are will never be a friend or someone worth speaking to so don?t feel bad if You?re blocked or never got a response. I probably already don?t like you
I do not tolerate devil worshippers or false Satanists who choose to spread misconception of our practice. I am an atheistic Satanist who follows no gods nor do I believe in an afterlife. The deceased are nothing more than shadows of their former selves that gives me enlightenment when summoned. Same with demons. They are not horned, red eyed, beasts that just randomly possesses you or makes deals involving your soul. I hate saying this due to the amount of butt heads that message me constantly with false information based on Hollywood logic.
Besides all of that I do come here a lot to browse before working and or in the middle of smoking(I have chronic depression)