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I am not new to magick as I have been practicing it for a good amount of time. Around 4 years ago I discovered magick and how it can be used. I started off by buying books. I would read one every night and study. For around 6 months I learned a lot. but it slowed down after that. Hoodoo was an easy start but I needed a new challenge. I started doing Wicca (crystal magick). It got me another 6 months of study and I became skilled in feeling a crystal and being able to identify it's life and the vibrations coming from it. I kept on moving on and experiencing new magick. I found a friend that drives me. He helped me find new things to learn and I learned Moon magick, Candle Magick, and more.
What is my goal?: I will put this in a way of a saying: When you have a plain dish, make it more interesting, add a few spices and serve it the way you want. - W.D. Gaster

Why did I join this site: To find new people just like me that can drive me like Noah did.

Thats me!