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Greetings, Heather Rivers at your service. I am a Knowledgeable Hedge Wicca, with my own Beliefs and Experience (which is of theory and not practical) So don't ask me to do something, however if it's knowledge you wish to seek- Then you can "Mail" me as long as it's proper and your message is written clearly otherwise I can not help you. I will only read it if you had placed a Subject in it or I will instantly delete. I am very knowledgeable with; *The Psyche aka the Mind *The Three Realms (Mortale, Spiritus and Mortuus) *Animalian Magick (Becoming an animal and/or being one among them) *Dragons of any kind however not all of them If you want more info just "Mail" me and I'll explain these topics better just add a Subject (Very Important) Fare Thee Well