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Name: HR1802
Birthday: Mar 13 2002
Location: Queensland, Australia
Gender: Female
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Greetings, Heather Rivers at your service.

I'm a Studying Hedge Wiccan and I'd rather not do physical Magick, however i'm willing to learn. Much like a Hedge Witch I like to add things to my studies such as new species among Legendary Creatures (OC's) and created my own Realms within my Astral Plane. I have also made my own form of Magick called the "Animalian-Soul" which I'll post on this site.I've been into magick since I was young (or younger) so I know enough to drive me to my destination. I am also knowledgeable in anything Astral/ Mind so if you would like to know more just ask.

  • Do not send me romantic or sexual messages, this is not a dating site.
  • Please accept my religious beliefs and don't push yours onto me.
  • Please be respectful and take the time to add a subject line to the message and be sure to message me with a purpose rather than just to entertain you with chit chat.

I do not teach but am happy to guide on specific questions, if you plan on asking me questions regarding magick and the practice please be specific, do not send me a message saying, "teach me everything". I do not spoon feed, and I do not give you everything you need to know on a silver platter, please be aware that, I am not here to teach only offer guidance where I can.

If you do contact me please let it have a purpose and not for idle chit chat, including a subject line is very helpful too.

This is the only messaging system I use, do not ask for Facebook, kik or any other social media, I will not share them with you.


My studies mostly consist:

  • Animalian/ Animal Soul
  • Anything to do with Astral/ Mind
  • The Basics, Always recapping
  • Candle Magick
  • Colors/ Mood meanings to Aura's (Scents)
  • Crystals of all kinds and uses
  • Elemental Magick
  • Kitchen/ Herbal Magick
  • Lunar Phases/ Astronomy
  • Studying Legendary Creatures
  • Studying Holidays and Seasons


Please do not ask me for beginner spells, all spells require a basic foundation of knowledge that should be learnt prior to spells.
If you are a beginner, below is a list of great forums and topics to look at before you start casting spells, that will give you a good foundation of knowledge in order to build on.

  • Starting Out:
  • The Basics Expanded:
  • Visualization:
  • Centering + Grounding:
  • How to write a spell:
  • Troubleshooting Spells: