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I ain't real sure what road I am suppose to take. Alot of times I take the wrong road. Or maybe not the wrong road but a little more rocky path. I do know when the universe speaks. You better listen. I use to have the same dream every month on the same night. I had this dream for 6 years. The dream being: (I would wake up in a white room, tied to a bed. My mouth was moving but I couldn't make a sound. I could hear people around me but I couldn't see their faces or make out what they were saying or who they were by voice). I always thought it was strange. But I never gave it another thought every time that I had the dream. In 2015 I flipped out of back of a truck. I was in a coma. And when I started waking up. All I could see was a bright white room, My hands were strapped to the hospital bed with pillow cases wrapped around my hands like boxing gloves. I would try to talk but the tracheostomy was preventing me from talking. Every time the doctors would try to wake me. I would pick the biggest person around me and started swinging on them. They had to put me back under. We went through this 3 different times. And every time the same thing would go on. My parents got there right before they tried to bring me out of the coma again. And they started waking me up again. And as I started to come up out of there fighting again. I seen and heard my dad. And as he talked to me the doctors we able to wake me up. It took me a while to understand that I had flipped out of the back of a truck. And almost died. So now when the universe talks to me you can bet that I listen. It can be the most smallest little detail that is out of the ordinary from your every day life. What it has taught me. Pay attention to the detail of things. I am very thankful to the hand that was held on my soul to not take my life that night. I have always been interested in things that most are scared of. But I am not scared of the unknown. I am unsure of alot of things. And there is alot that make me question everything. But most of all I am a warrior. I am a firm believer than I will survive.