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Name: Ghostrick
Location: TX
Gender: Male
Last Seen: Tue, 19 Mar 2019
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My username is pronounced Ghost.Trick
my real name is Freyr. I am a son of the
Geer clan. I grew up in a small town called
Bingen. Moved to Texas a few years ago.
I've been interested in the magick arts
Since I was a child, as a small babe I was
Plagued with vivid dreams of the Heavens and
Hell. Dreams of contacting dead loved ones,
Even predicting their death. So I started
to study the Hermetic teachings and it has
changed my life. I'm here out of curiosity
and an eagerness to hone my skills.
My personal beliefs center around my connection
to the universal consciousness many know as
God. However where I differ from others is
my revelations of the nature of the spirit.
I found that religion is a tool used by man
to control his fellows. The only true way
to achieve perfection is to accept imperfection.
A healthy soul finds a balance between the dark
And the light.