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Name: Wolfie187
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I love wolves I don't have many friends in life but meh I have a lot of secrets so just ask if you wanna know. I really nice but I do bite.....I love my dad Dad I love you he is the best family I have ever had and the I love. BeyondCosmos is one of my many best friends and I love him like a brother I love them all but.....I still think I should die but some people here love me and I think they need me but when I look around I see death and things that bring me to feel dead or maybe even just looking at around death makes me feel more dead and it makes my head hurt badly but still.......I want to die I need to die. Can someone teach me how smile for real? I die today I love you all Bliss I love and hope you have the best life, Nick I know it's hard but bye, Dad and Rose I love you both I hope you have the best life together. I'm dead nobody cares maybe they do but just don't tell me I love having friends but I'll only have hell....he's right I have no idea how he feels except oh I've been cheated on twice yea I hated everything after that it was really hard to trust anyone but guess what I did I trusted him he said he would never yell at me but he did he said he would make me feel happy, not sad but he did I'm mad and sad I've moved on I'm depressed I hate everything I'm mad at everyone I don't wanna talk please leave me alone I can die I will die I love my family but I hate life I can't live in this world. I hate you I hate you! I know you say sorry but I really don't care anymore I told you not to talk to me but I'm sorry and I'm to mad to say it maybe my heart has been broken but repaired