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hey there ! i am a Cert ,"Cert helios". i hail from eastern side of world and know much about indian light magic and i know about dark indian magic but do not like to indulge in eastern dark magic bcoz of the karmic consequences , anyways i would like to learn the western magic arts whether be light or dark. Being born a Sagitarius i have a potential in both magic equally with a twist of crazyness for it. In real life i am a person who has got fascinating deep wisdom , i am good at predictions cuz of my instincts and not to mention if a person is even a little bit good to me i return the kindness in three fold law and same goes for people who try to harm my friends , the harm returns to them in accordance with three fold law . I have swimming , music(creating and listening) , sketching and painting , photography , herbology , science(specifically chemistry) , reading novels ,Cooking etc as my hobbies. WANNA KNOW MORE ABOUT ME BECOME A FRIEND AND I WILL UNFOLD MY LOTUS PETALS TO YOU ONE BY ONE . TOodles ! Om Vakratundaya Hum !