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i have been studying magick for over 17 year's (my entire life) mostly by accedent. as stated i am 17 year's old which might not say much however i ask that you keep a open mind. i am knowledgeable in psychic abilities, Indigos, Crystals, and Starseeds, colours Chakras, actual crystals, spirits, the astral body, aswell as mythology and folklore, and a number of aspects regarding many different paths. i desire to learn everything that i can especially Heathenism, Dragon Magick, Angel Magick, and even more about psychic abilities. i am unfortunately unable to get supplies (such as herbs candles incense tarot cards crystal balls ect ect ect) but i have the power of my voice and the energy of the Universe and I know full well that is more than enough. i am dyslexic so i apologize in advance for any spelling mistakes and/or typos. please do not message me if you want to role play. I am here to learn.