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Name: GrimGodess
Gender: Female
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Chaos witch. Send me your insight on crystals, herbs, tarot, etc
I want to awaken psychic abilities.
If anyone can help me out, msg me
Open to all faiths and practices that do not harm others. (not generally at least, but there is a horrible man I know who has hurt many and he deserves the worst if I'm being honest)
Send any advice you have my way.
I encourage friendly conversation, more so if it pertains to the craft. (I'm really gay though, so please don't get cute with me unless you produce a load of estrogen.)

If it helps you get a better understanding of what you can help me with.
This is my inventory of interest. Of course you can message me about other items I might need for more complex practices.

I have the Thoth Tarot.
- a stash of cinnamon
- a stash of ginger
- a stash of cayenne pepper
- a stash of himalayan pink salt
- Amethyst cluster, 2 amethyst points(small)
- Citrine point, citrine shard
- (small)Yellow Calcite
- 2 Clear Quartz points, Needle Quartz(in abundance)
- 2 Red Jasper
- 2 Green Aventurine
- Green Quartz tumbled(small)
- Jade rock(Large)
- Tigers Eye rock(Large)
- 2 Red Tigers Eye(small)
- Red Hematoid(small)
- 3 Rose Quartz tumbled
- Smokey Quartz tumbled
- Titanium Quartz point(small)
- Hematite tumbled(small)
- 2 Blue Sodalite tumbled
- Selenite shard
- Black Onyx tumbled
Let me know your good uses for these.