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Name: CoralieChloe
Birthday: 15
Location: Connecticut
Gender: Female
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If you're reading this, Heya :) Welcome to my very small portion of SoM ^^

If you'd like a tarot reading, message me! I'll quite gladly read you, but please give me 1-3 business days to get around to it. I can also help you on your witchcraft journey, but I will not do magic for you, I will teach you how to do it yourself. If you'd just like to chat, I'm totally down. Just please include a subject in your mail, and more than a simple hello. Message me about my interests if they align with yours! Do NOT message me about anything fluff, because you are not a mermaid, vampire, or dragon. Please refrain from messaging me if you believe yourself to be one, because I will not think twice before telling you off.

About me- Hi, I'm Cora, and I'm 15. I'm in 10th grade. My Instagram is coraliexxchloe, and my Snapchat is coraliechloe13

My Practice-

  • Divination (Mostly Tarot)

  • Candle Magic

  • Crystal Magic

  • Healing Magic

  • The Elements

  • Paranormal/Spirits

  • Energy/Auras