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Name: Avis_Phoenix
Birthday: Jun 15
Location: Valley of ashes
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The greatest curse for one to bear is carrying the ashes from the past. What has died cannot be return. Weep not of what is lost nor hold spite against death. For new beginnings to come, the old beginning must pass. So rise! Reach for the skies! Let your inner flames ignite! No matter how thick the darkness is, even a tiny flare can outshine the night. Let the ashes go. Set your spirit free. Once you set fire to the burning passion buried in the soul, miracles start to occur. Take flight! Beat your wings to the skies! As you fly, watch as embers flick the darkness away. Nothing is more powerful than a human soul on fire. When you allow positivity and light in your life, you will understand what true happiness feels like. I have broken my past: setting it's ashes to the wind and shattering it into pieces, despite of shards cutting me deeply. After the storm, I can lift my eyes. I witness the light. I discovered true happiness. I am finally free.