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Name: EidosIris
Birthday: Jun 19 1998
Location: Kansas
Gender: Male
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Previously DarkDagger, however that alias no longer suited my needs so I simply changed accounts. You may still find my original work within my favorites.

Things you may or may not ever need to know about me:
I'm agender. I live in America. I have battled both mental and physical health issues. I love my cats. I have a weird sense of humor. Iris is my patron. I've been a practicing pagan for going on 5 years. If you want to know anything else, feel free to ask.

Currently a study of Aphotism.
* The disciple must accept the nature of what is, in order to change it.
* The disciple must detach themselves from the pain or unpleasantries that life presents.
* The disciple must not become dependent on any person, circumstance, and/or external force.
* The disciple must be able to envision and imagine their unlocked potential.
* The disciple must seek black omniscience, and the wisdom of eternity.

- The Abyssal Tenets from The Abyssal Bible by Rev. Cain.


Q: Can you help me become a werewolf/vampire?
A: Short answer, no, but I am aware of and have friends in the werewolf/vampire subculture if you'd like to know anything. Just remember these people are still human.

Q: Will you read me tarot/runes/oracle?
A: Usually no, I only read for people when I know their intentions. It's a possibility if you're a friend.

Q: I want a spell to change my gender/appearance.
A: Then I will help you find resources in your area and do everything I can to help you to the best of my (and google's) ability. Magic cannot change how you physically are but science and the right doctors can.

Q: I'm struggling in my life/craft/faith etc, can I just talk to you?
A **Yes!** Absolutely. I would love to hear what you have to say. Even if you just want an open ear to vent I will give advice and help you in any way I can.

Q: Will you be my boyfriend/roleplay with me?
A: Not a chance.