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Name: Rudda
Birthday: May 16
Location: Canada
Gender: Female
Last Seen: Sat, 14 Sep 2019
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Personal Bio

Hail up! Please make sure you read below before mailing me.

  • Please make sure you mail me with an actual subject. Casual chatting is fine, but please clarify that in your message.
  • I will not partake in any argument, or engage as a third party in any. You may mail me for advice, however, I do not wish for any un-needed conflict.
  • Do not ask me to cast you any spells to "turn you into a mermaid", or "make you grow wings", or anything of that sort. Those spells do not work, and any requests for me to do so will be ignored.
  • If you request a tarot reading from me, I'd be more than happy to help you out! Just make sure that what you're asking me is clear in your message, as to make it as easy as possible to give you a reading. However, I don't check my mail every day, so it may take me a while to see your request.

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I am an Eclectic Wiccan and have been studying various paths for 2 whole years at this point. Although I may be new, I take these matters very seriously, though naturally, I may make some dumb mistakes at times.

Studies and Interests

  • The Basics
  • Theban Alphabet
  • Tarot Cards
  • Candle Magic
  • Crystal Magic
  • Healing Magic
  • Talisman Creation
  • Sigil Creation
  • Spirits and Paranormal

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About Myself

  • I love doing Sudoku puzzles, though I hate math.
  • I love chocolate, especially dark chocolate.
  • I love green tea.
  • I have family in Jamaica, North Dakota, and England.
  • I'm learning how to play guitar.
  • I have 2 catsand a dog.
  • I love reading books, and I often get lost in bookstores.
  • Moonkitti is my favorite Youtuber.
  • My hair is dyed green.
  • I'm attempting to teach myself Dutch.
  • I make new poems every now and then, right below if you're interested!

- -


The Earth, ah the Earth.
Covered in a pure white haze.
Not a soul in sight.


Hollow Eyes

I glide through the forest, leaves touching my face,
As I duck under bushes and branches of trees.
I'm looking for answers, in this lonesome place,
Feeling upon my face a cool night's breeze.
Suddenly, I see it, those deep black orbs,
Staring from afar, her hollow eyes.
She opens her mouth, starts singing a chord,
Knowing I may just meet my demise.
I have no choice, I out my blade,
Black handle, and shining steel.
I slice her form, she seems to fade,
But I know well she isn't gone for real.
I run from the forest, as fast as my feet will carry me.
Those hollow eyes will eternally be.


Cotton Blossom

Cotton blossom, flowing down the river stream,
Cotton blossom, soft and gentle like a dream.
Cotton blossom, falling off the parent tree,
Cotton blossom, on the docks of Mississippi.

Cotton blossom, whispers to the wise old man,
Cotton blossom, tries to find out what they can.
Cotton blossom, blood flowing from the hands,
Cotton blossom, stay together if they can.

Cotton blossom, takes its money from the games,
Cotton blossom, cannot help and runs away.
Cotton blossom, leaves an old life behind,
Cotton blossom, goes onto the stage to shine.

Long and aged after the war,
The cotton blossom knows what for.
The soft petals finally know love,
As the river rolls along.



A pitch black darkened sky, dotted with blinded eyes,
Running along, not a single person can hear your cries.
You hear buzzing in the mist,
And you clench your fist.
The dragonfly cannot be fooled, and will not believe your lies.