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Name: Ondori
Birthday: Nov 17 1991
Location: Tennessee
Gender: Female
Last Seen: Sat, 26 Jan 2019
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Welcome to my profile. My username, Ondori , is Japanese for rooster.

To start, I'm an old returning member who left the site around 2014/early 2015 for personal real life medical issues, and I feel I've reached a better place in my life in order to return here and start interacting again.

General things about me: I'm a digital artist, collector of gemstones, knickknacks, and pop figures, consumer of tea to the point it's obsessive, animal lover, frequent visitor of antique stores, a slight shut-in, avid baker and cook, and very noctournal. I'm friendly to anyone who is nice to me, but I have a short tolerance for negativity and rudeness, especially from someone I don't know.


My Religious and Spiritual Practices :

  • I am first and foremost a practitioner of Shinto. I pull primarily from pre-Meiji Restoration era Shinto (koshinto shorthand); this is more heavy focused on the spirits and follows a more animism-based path.
  • I am heavily involved and work deeply with spirits known as Yokai underneath the umbrella of Kami.
  • Outside of my more religious based practices, I have been dipping into Appalachian/Southern Witchcraft for the last few years, something personal to me given the area I grew up and currently reside in. I blend a lot of kitchen witchery in this.
  • I do a few divination things: capnomancy is my primary followed by hippomancy.
  • I'm an avid self-taught herbalist, studing and practicing such for over 10 years now.


Please Note: I'm not comfortable giving out medical advice about herbs. There's a line between discussing them and their use, and advising someone to actually consume dosage. I am not a medical personelle, nor am I trained by one; taking medical advice from someone online who cannot know nor access your personal medical history is very dangerous.