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Name: Jbass
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Hello out there all you people of various beliefs, coven members and chosen ones with special gifts. Most of my close friends are complete skeptics and use science and cognitive brain functionality as their way of dismissal towards all subjects that are considered occult practices from their perception. Each to their own i say. But my experiences throughout my life thus far have convinced me that these friends are not open nor in tune with the unseen frequency and energy existence in general. I am an atheist who coincides with the philosophy of Buddhism without ever exploring the subject in practicality. It's just a harmony that I've always just felt comfortable with the unrecognized benediction of the peaceful intent that monks resonate with. I've never given any religion my full attention as being a clair cognitive personality type has never needed such a facade of unproven belief to justify my existence on this planet.I just am, different, eclectic and firmly accept all different people as they are without judgment against them. Unless i sense malice in the confines of their heart? I can't explain why I was born with different perceptions, and strong feelings of higher sensory abilities that are not controlled or developed or understood completely? Hence why I have joined this community in search of answers to better understand the uncanny that i can no longer express to my closest friends. I know that I am not crazy within and no opinion from any outsider will ever convince me otherwise as i am under no obligation to justify myself to anyone on this planet. Im interested in preforming a spell or ten as the current state of Australia is not looking good regarding the hideous display of corruption greed and slave mentality that the current prime minister is getting away with as I'm sure everyone in other parts of the world have recently seen the embarrassing debate over legalization of same sex marriage laws ? It is beyond embarrassing especially when millions of dollars have been spent on 'plebiscite'which is only a vote and considering that most heterosexual citizens have expressed outpouring messages of support, the laws of Christianity are the outdated excuses he makes to condemn such citizens even though they are taxed the same as straight couples whilst high ranking members of Catholic congregations have been busted doing all kinds of sinister acts that not only contradict the laws of their preaching rubbish, are indicicitive of anything but god's good will towards humanity in fact revolting an inhuman and targeted at innocent children. I'm very anti Catholic due to that reason alone!!! I'm a pretty easy going chap but I'm not going to allow this control mechanism implementation affect my life anymore. And I'm hoping to study various sections of witchcraft in all it's diversity to begin a movement in the short time i have left. I am especially interested in learning about Southern American voodoo /hoodoo as i found the ledgend of MARIE LEVAUE fascinating. From what i understand , it is quite a force that is not to be taken for granted or used without abiding by the laws therein? If anyone is specifically skilled in this field? I would love to hear your experiences only if you feel like connecting with myself i would like you to know that i will not discuss your story with anyone outside this thread!!! The power of suggestive persuasion is an effective tool that many fall prey to on a daily basis. I look forward to meeting many of you within this community as i have many questions and i will accept and appreciate your views with 100% respect and acceptance of your beliefs even if it is opposed my beliefs. I would like to welcome you to reach out at anytime should you wish to connect to myself. I will endeavor to respond when I am not bound by the chains of Work. Peace and well wishes to you all on this site i hope you all find your destiny on your journey through this lifetime to the next. I'm interested in learning about curses and anyone who has cast spells for positive changes and ESPECIALLY if you wanted to punish a soul who always had it coming or just wanted to enforce spiritual warefare for your own dark agenda? Do not fear as sometimes i feel like casting justice to some who clearly need universal reprimand to dose up the reality check that they have avoided for too long? I've been told that i am 100% clairvoyant? However I am not convinced as yet?