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Name: LostHybrid
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A bit about me... My name is Alistair Crowlace. My nickname is Andy Jr. I'm 19. I'm punk goth and proud. I'm a Satanist. Don't ask me if I kill people and harm animals because I don't. I'm a huge crime/ horror geek. I am a bodyguard for friends and hopefully I'll be able to do that full-time because honestly protecting people is where my heart is and I can't imagine me being anything else career wise. I enjoy being active all the time which makes meditating very hard sometimes. I can get along with pretty much anyone due to me having multiple personalities. I am currently learning Italian and Romanian so if anyone on here wants to chat with me in those languages and maybe help me practice, it'd be much appreciated. I'm mainly here to expand my knowledge on all sorts of magick. I have studied all types of magick my entire life but I have only been practicing for 6 years. I am not looking for a teacher or people to teach. I would love to make some friends on here though and maybe chat about various topics such as music, movies, stuff like that. Or just message me if you're bored, I don't mind keeping you lovely people company. Feel free to kik me at lostboy4life666 P.s, I'm more of a nocturnal person so if it shows I'm on during the day but I don't message back please don't think I'm ignoring you or that I hate you. I will message you back the first chance I get.