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Name: BeyondCosmos
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Back up account for BeyondShade. Only used when limit is reached. Currently too lazy tho to go back to the account so.... Feel free to message me if you'd like (please do so I am bored as hell). I actually decided to take away the year I was born in since too many people already judge you based on it. So yeah, tho by saying that I probably gave away my age... Or not? Does it matter? Hell... Yes it does, not really but sometimes it does. Oh well, its fairly easy to find my age anyways. Why am I still bragging about my age? Because I like to ramble. Haha... Feel free to message me for more insanity. You're welcome (Seriously though, message me. Im bored as hell). And now after reading my bio you still know nothing about me... Well you do, this was a little look inside of my mind. Again, you're welcome. You might wonder, what do you practice or what hobbies do you have or what's your relationship status Beyond... Message me and find out haha. I'll see you in my inbox