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Name: Sobai
Location: U.S.A.
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Hello Welcome to My Bio If you Would you like to know about my experiences with Magick just ask. I'm Always Looking to learn. Practicing Dragon Magick. ============================================ Recently I called out to anything to awnser me and show themselves to me sort of like a challenge. Today I had a not really bad headache but it didn't feel too good so I went to sleep as soon as I went into complete sleep He Appeared with a smile and his face was nothing I had seen before but I wasn't scared I wasn't afraid he felt welcoming and friendly was he a demon or something else I don't know but for the after that it was complete darkness. Oddly enough I hope that he visits me again soon so I might ask him to be my friend to maybe visit me not in my dream but in the daytime under the sun where I can see him fully. If he can not come out in the daylight I would ask him to show me himself at the darkest time of night so that I may see him fully. I am one with the dark and the shadows who live in the Dark I speak to them and give them a place to rest I open a portal to another realm of which only they can enter My Kingdom of Shadows. My shadows protect me and guide me and I protect them and show them love and kindness. They go out and bring home more and more shadows to join my home my safe place for them. A place where they can be at peace and I can call upon them with my beckoning call if I ever need any help. They protect me and I protect them.