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Name: Sanity43218
Birthday: May 18 1999
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This is an alternate account for Sanity43217 This is my main account now. All I want to do is make friends, and improve myself. Anything else that happens is just a bonus. Mail me, because why not? I am interested in learning how to be a berserker. If you can help, mail me. ================================================================== Blue=I want a second chance Yellow=you're cute Green=I want a kiss Purple=I will die for you Red=I want you to kiss me Pink=let's cuddle Orange=I owe you a kiss Black=I want a hug Rainbow=I want you in my bed White=I'm crushing on you Brown=I love you Blood red=come to the back room with me ;) Crimson=die Turquoise=I don't like you Aqua=I hate you Gold=let's be friends Silver=you're my enemy Periwinkle=(note: if you pick this colour you pick what goes here) Grey=I think I'm falling in love Mystery=what I want is you If you can help me transform into something more powerful, or teach me black magic, mail me. I wish for those things. Not for selfish reasons. I want to help the poor kids in my neighbourhood that are getting beaten on by a bully. UR KAG OMZ ODMOW FTUE OAPQ, FTQZ YQEEMSQ YQ FTQ IADP FQMEQD MZP U IUXX PA M RMHAGD RAD KAG. UF OMZ NQ MZKFTUZS. 95% of teens would freak out if they saw Miley Cyrus or the Jonas brothers on a 247' building ready to jump off. Copy and paste this in your profile if you are one of the 5% that would bring a bucket of popcorn, a chair, a video camera and yell ???JUMP!???