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Name: Akenokaia
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Hi nice to meet you I'm Elizabeth and I'm age of 21. I am gothic and been gothic even since the age of 13. I admire the gothic style subculture etc. and always have. I'm no witch or a practitioner but I am a spiritual person meaning I take the path of spirituality, I'm not like "others", and I don't fit into your label's, category's etc. I guess the best way to label me if you most is heathenry or a indigo child I guess. My thrid eye is open, spirituality is a lifestyle for me. I enjoy working with light beings and I also happen to be a being of light and balance but on neutral grounds. I believe in balance and that magick is far more than just black and white, I see beyond that. I believe that magick is energy in it's rawest form and that the intent of the magick useage is what gives it it's "label". The different types of magick though I believe may have it's places of origins giving magick it's different categories etc. I am a magick user by the way. I very much so believe in the wiccan rede, "An Ye Harm None, Do What Ye Will". Reasons I joined this is because I hope to meet other's like minded and like me and also to make some friends of course. Feel free to message me on here and on kik. For my kik username name feel free to ask. I will try to message asap, if I don't reply please be patient with me most likely I haven't seen the message yet.