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Name: DeathByBarb
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A quick announcement regarding inboxes: Due to college, my free time isn't so free anymore. Feel free to message me but do forgive me if it takes me a long time to respond. Thank you.

I am not a beginner nor am I a master of magic. I have been doing potions and spells for what feels like centuries. Please feel free to contact me with any questions you have, I am willing to discuss magical beings, elements, and other worlds/dimensions with you. Please don't ask me to do spells for you, and there are some things I am not an expert on so please don't get angry just because I cannot explain something for you. DO NOT tell me what does and doesn't exist. You have no idea what wonders around this universe, nor could a human mind begin to understand half of it. All magical beings are welcome. Even if you are a human, I welcome you as well. However, I will not tolerate closed minded individuals who refuse to believe in other things existing or magic. Keep hate OFF my page and away from me. No transphobic, homophobic, sexism, speciesist, or racism allowed. Stop sending me hate mail. You will be blocked if you are rude. If you have trouble with spells, magic, or travel, I will help you best to my knowledge.

If you are going to inbox me, please use decent grammar and spelling. Please use the correct, you're/yours, and they're/their/theres.

The Anime's I have seen are under my website