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Name: Permeate
Birthday: Mar 15 1997
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Hail the Great and Generous King Paimon


- Lady Jorune Amarandena Lovenskield-

- They / Them -

- Pisces -

- List of things, though not all, of what I do, am interested in, study, or else -

  • Cartomancy & Tarot
  • Demonology & Demonolatry
  • Tasseomancy
  • Scrying & many forms of divination
  • Psychology
  • Magicks
  • Artistic Attunement
  • Rituals & Spellwork
  • The Crafts
  • Meditation & Prayer & Mindfulness
  • Spirit work


I am 22 years old and have been quite an innate warlock. I have always had the presence of my guides, and I always have contact with spirits one way or another. I am profoundly connected to them. I've been everywhere and seen quite a lot as I have lived in over 25 households, and been all over the United States... and more. I'm an artist at heart and soul, and thus my patrons tend to be as well of solar and creation elements.


Regardless, never be discouraged despite what a community thinks of you, or another witch may say you can or cannot do: I may have been better off if I hadn't listened to one saying I was too unstable to try and lay a foundation for magical working and discipline. That was when I was roughly 13, though of course I still skirted around the things I knew, and emulated them.

Noone's ever truly ready, neither is there ever a "perfect" time to start doing something. You must start from somewhere, and hold your convictions fast.