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WolfSouled is my main (most of its spells are old and probably nonfunctional), WolfSouled2 is for tested spells. This account is for untested spells for you to try. If they work, mail me, and explain exactly how you did it, when you did it, and how it worked. If it seems real, I will repost the spell to WolfSouled2. My merwolf spell is part of a set, and I accidentally left "wings and wolf" in it at the very end. Replace wings with tail. Do not use Winged Merwolf. Use Winged Merwolf ~, as Winged Merwolf is missing two ingredients vital to the spell. I also forgot another part. Instead of tail colour, in the winged wolf spell put wing colour. In the winged merwolf spell, put wing colour under tail colour.