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Hey everybody. I specialize in crystals and gemstones so go check out my youtube channel "MoonGoddess Treasures." There I will explain each crystal and gemstone I receive and all that they can do for you. Some of my favorite gemstones so far are 'The Bloodstone' and 'Rose Quartz.' I don't practice magick but I am very fascinated by it so I don't mind talking about it at all. Although, I am interested in positive energy magick. If you have any questions and or just need someone to talk to about crystals and or just healing in general let me know because I love helping people. I am also pretty knowledgeable on pendulums and each of the seven chakras. I can also help you by interpreting your dreams. I have had a few prophetic dreams before and so I learned how to interpret them and began to help my friends interpret them as well. I believe I have astral projected once as a further form of the prophetic dreams I was having. I am an Aries so I am a fire element which means I like to be the boss but I have learned to control myself and I have learned that people only respect 'The Boss' if they are also a team player as well. I am majoring in business and hope to one day open up a crystal and gemstone shop. Thank you and I hope you enjoy my profile and my YouTube channel. Please note that any flirting related messages and or vulgar messages will result in me blocking you. My main goal here on this site is to help people. Small talk is fine but as long as it has to do with the topics on this site. Thank you!