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Name: shayn16
Birthday: Apr 22 2000
Location: western Australia
Gender: Male
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hey i am going to tell you a bit about myself i an 16 my name is shayn i like riding scooters and skateboards i am into cooking and music i practice white magic like healing and things like that ok that is about all i will tell ya in my bio but if you want to know a bit more about me then just message and yes anyone can message me
if anyone ever disrespects ladynoir2 i will do anything to hurt you i am warning keep away and dont treat her without respect she deserves alot of respect
and also if anyone could message me an address to mail myself to so i can do the human mail challenge please do so thnx very much
i will be off this site for a while so i will let u all know when i am back catch you on the flip side hahahahahhaa bye